I’ve recently turned 30.

I turned 29 in Portugal last year.

So, going back the end of 2022, there was a lot happening.

I was committed to two business mentorship‘s. 15k+ invested being a part of it.

Me and Abbie were looking for house inspiration but then ended up viewing one, we fell in love straight away.

New Years Eve I dropped a bombshell when having drinks with Abbie – ‘Let’s start a family’

Her response ‘You serious?!’

A few weeks after testing 100 times, we were pregnant.

Our apartment went on the housing market mid January and was back off within 3 days. We had a cash buyer (only to pull out 8 weeks later!)

We got in the car and went straight down to the new build estate to get our reservation deposit locked in.

One step closer.

Our first ever Live Event sold out with 2 weeks to go. 70 people in a room all on the same mission to better themselves. It was a big, scary investment but worth every single penny.

It’s the reason we are doing another one!

As time was ticking we decided our last holiday as a two had to be back at our favourite place Santorini.

Pressure was mounting up with no signs of selling with our apartment and getting closer to our baby girl arriving.

I was feeling under a lot of financial stress more about the future rather than the present.

It rubbed off on Abbie and we both got in each others faces.

We were not ourselves. Everything took a negative turn.

Abbies birthday was coming up so it was an ideal opportunity to book a lodge in the countryside to relax for a few days.

It doesn’t fix things completely as you have to come back to the madness but it helps.

At this stage of the year, we were starting to lose hope on landing our dream home.

Our estate agents were all over the place.

Every time we spoke to someone they seemed to of left a few weeks later.

It was a communication nightmare.

I was on the phone constantly, answering emails to stay on top of it.

Abbie was chipping in with filling out the online portal.

However,I could sense it was hard for her because everything was in my name.

There wasn’t much she could do.

We didn’t give up.

Our developers were patience with us and allowed us until the end of June for a buyer.

After this period, we would have to cut our losses.

You couldn’t of wrote this next bit..

Our estate agent books us in a viewing (we said just book it in, don’t ask! Can you tell we were like COME ON)

A day where I’m in the mountains doing the 3 National Peaks and Abbies is in Manchester with Kim on her shoot day.

Calling around as we need someone there for the viewing, Abbies Dad takes it for us.

I’m at the peak of the summit at Snowdon and emails start coming through.

‘Buyer has viewed your apartment’
‘Buyer has left you feedback’
‘Buyer has put an offer in’

Signal wasn’t great so I couldn’t see what it was.

I was running down the mountain messaging Abbie ‘We have an OFFER!!!’

A couple of days later, we fly out to Santorini on edge wondering if our buyer has locked in a deposit for the auction.

It’s on our minds the whole trip, a glimpse of hope. The closest we’ve been for 6 months.

Once we land back in the U.K., the morning after we get an email confirming she had paid!

With 9 days to spare we let our new build developers know we have a committed buyer.

We weren’t let off the hook because her solicitors were playing hard ball.

Abbie was getting bigger, all baby stuff was heaping up in our apartment in boxes. Her mum and dad stored so much of our stuff.

We had started to pack so the apartment was a mess.

It started to become really overwhelming for me because I had to come to the conclusion that I was cutting my losses with the apartment as our previous buyer offered 30k more and pulled out.

It ripped me but I had to think what I really wanted.

I wanted the best for our family. It was about the now but also the future.

I had worked out the numbers and even through the extra 30k would have been nice, it wasn’t going to leave us bone dry.

After all of this back and forth. August 11th became our move in day.

This stress that seemed to never go away, just disappeared.

Me and Abbie felt emotional because we DID IT!

With only 6 weeks to spare until our due date, it gave us chance to settle.

Our families chipped in to help us get everything sorted and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Business on the other hand takes a 360 shift where I’ve started working with a new coach, started a new website, stepped away from a mentorship and 2 coaches leave the Musclecoach brand all in quick succession.

A few days later, our beautiful girl Remi arrives.

Off grid, 7 days with our little family was precious.

Coming back to work, opportunities have flooded in and it’s got me even more excited for my 30’s.

If you’ve got this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

Fight for what you want, don’t give up at the first hurdle.

We kept pushing and here we are.

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