Here’s a condensed version but I’m excited to get this bit of of the way and welcome you to what’s going to be a life changing journey for us all.

I intend to share everything, yes, the highs and lows of business, family life, relationships.

For anyone that doesn’t know me, my name is Luke Beastall and I’m best known for transforming lives through my coaching brand Musclecoach U.K.

Recently, I’ve transitioned into an exciting project called Master Your Life.

I’m passionate about helping business leaders from total burnout to creating a fun life outside of work.

Adding strings to my own personal development.

If you are ambitious like me, you never stop learning.

Anyways, I love pizza..

I love talking..

I love meeting new people.

See you on the next email.

Jokes aside.

It is probably one of the reasons I’ve put this off for so long. I’ve had the fear of ‘why will people want to listen to me?!’

It has only taken me 8 years into the coaching industry to bite the bullet and commit to this.

I’m excited to be writing to you once per week for now.

It will be all value based whether it is one of my own experiences, a client’s journey, wisdom, how to’s from my own learnings.

Anything I feel is worth sharing.

This will go a lot deeper and in more depth than any other social media platform I post on.

I may change my mind but I want to remain consistent so if anything throughout this journey always feel free to write back.

I will answer every single email.

No AI, no copywriters, just the real me.

My intentions are simple – I want to serve so powerfully that you too can transform your life like many I’ve helped so far.

I always preach this to people I spend time with…

You can go far on your own but a lot further together as a team.

Be ready to be challenged, be ready to have fun and let’s collaborate to Master Our Lives.

We are only here once with our time so let’s make the most of it.

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