What’s the Master Your Life Process look like at

3 months – Energise

This platform has the potential to be a pivotal point in your life, altering your outlook, addressing challenges, and instilling a sense of accountability to overcome self-imposed limitations.

Reflecting on personal aspects beyond the professional realm can significantly enhance your performance at work.

By cultivating momentum, you will find a surge in energy that extends into various facets of your life.

Even a minor adjustment can alleviate stress and grant you more leisure time.

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What’s the Master Your Life Process look like at

6 months – Reinvention

As the saying goes, “You are what you repeatedly do.”

Establishing a consistent routine will not only enhance your personal well-being but also positively impact those in your professional and personal circles.

By focusing on your behavior, energy levels, and habits both at work and in your personal life, you can create a positive ripple effect.

Your transformation will not go unnoticed, garnering feedback and recognition from others.

This shift will result in reduced stress levels, a newfound ability to decline tasks when necessary, and a more structured work-life balance, allowing for moments of enjoyment outside of work, among other benefits.

What’s the Master Your Life Process look like at

12 months – Mastery

This moment does not signify a final state but marks the initial stage of your potential.

Upon reflecting on the year, you will discern the transformations you have committed to and successfully realised.

If your initial aim was to cultivate more enjoyment beyond work, you will encounter numerous enriching experiences with loved ones during this period.

These experiences will demonstrate the possibilities that arise from a state of being rather than constant doing.

Throughout this journey, you will identify areas where you have excelled and those that require further development.

This reflective process can be reiterated over another 12-month cycle within this program.


What our clients say

I just want to say how helpful that call was. I know I’m a driven person so was always confused why I could also be so ‘lazy’ at times. You’ve made me realise I’m not lazy, I’m just driven with no self care strategies which is leading to burnout and making me appear to be ‘lazy’.

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NHS Team Leader

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a conversation – or series of conversations – with Luke. As an executive coach he’s effective and insightful, and I saw and felt real progress in how I used my time after working with Luke. This optimisation gave me the headspace to make progress professionally and the time to prioritise things that are important to me personally.

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Jen Bower

European Delivery Head for a Digital Engineering Consultancy

The coaching calls have been really supportive in helping me to navigate some difficult decisions and times of life. Lukes calm manner and understanding of the bigger picture has helped me to create a calmer manner in my life and allowed me to think harder about decisions I am making, but also understand that some things are out of my control and let those things just happen.

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Adam Blake


The communication with you has had a big impact I’ve not really had that before and you know having that really emotional first conversation bought ALOT to the surface that actually I didn’t realise I was burying and I want to be FIT and healthy for a long as possible for my family.

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Kirsty Woodward


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The three pillars


01. Health

Lead by example to enrich your life and positively impact those in your sphere of influence.


02. Wealth

Realising aspirations with robust health and vitality.


03. Relationships

Embrace the joy of quality time spent with those closest to you, creating enduring memories.

Our commitment to 
each other

Dedicate yourself completely and engage wholeheartedly.


During this reflective exercise, it is crucial to be honest with oneself prior to fostering open dialogue.


In navigating life, embodying a team-oriented mindset is paramount, as it often entails supporting and collaborating with others.


Embrace fearlessness and savor every part of the voyage.

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